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If you are interested in a career in construction, why not check out our upcoming event at the OnSide Youth Zone in Wolverhampton, where our partners will be demonstrating the latest innovations within the construction industry.

Welcome to the CLC careers page.

There are around three million construction workers in the UK, making it one of the countries biggest employers. Like any industry, it rewards hard work and there are always chances to move up the career ladder. Construction is constantly changing with new developments and technologies at the forefront of the industry – this means you will always be improving your skills.

Imagine joining an industry where every project is unique and you’re always using the latest ways of working – construction never stands still and neither will your career.

More than any other industry, it values on-the-job training and employers put a significant amount of time into developing their staff. There are a huge variety of careers and job roles available in construction along with chances to travel in the UK and abroad.

There’s no shortage of new construction jobs in the UK either, with the industry set to need more and more skilled people in future.

The industry is highly competitive, with rewards to match. Salaries are rewarding, and apprenticeship opportunities give you the chance to earn while you learn when starting out.

Please find all our partners careers pages that show the latest in the construction industries jobs and opportunities.

For the latest jobs and opportunities within construction, please visit the links below to and out more:

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