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Welcome to the Collaborative Learning Circle™

Collaboration is a hot buzzword in the business world – and with good reason. Working with people who have different perspectives or areas of expertise can result in better ideas and outcomes.

What is the CLC?

The Collaborative Learning Circle (CLC) is a collaboration of equals – whilst initiated by Kier Highways the membership includes clients, supply chain and other industry partners – all sitting around the same table. The CLC seeks to embed collaborative values, behaviours and thinking into the CLC’s collective workforce to ensure that collaborative working becomes the business norm.

The CLC is collaborating to improve the science of collaboration, something we feel is unique.

Dave Wright Kier Highways

“Without collaboration we don’t achieve anything”
Dave Wright, Executive Director, Kier Highways

The core objectives set out by the CLC Board:

Learning and Development

To further embed collaborative working within the construction industry through the delivery of a range of e-learning training modules based on the benefits of collaboration.

Social Value

To provide meaningful and tangible opportunities to the communities in which we
work, by a series of fundraising, volunteering and job opportunities. The CLC seeks to benefit society and bring new talent streams into the construction industry helping reduce the skills gap that currently exists.


The conceptual beginnings of the Collaborative Learning Circle (CLC) were formed in 2017 after Dave Wright, Executive Director, Kier Highways, was honoured with the Collaborative Leader Award by the Institution for Collaborative Working (ICW).

Directly after the event Dave Wright said:

“It’s no use being recognised in this way for what we have done in the past, if we don’t push it forward and use it as a springboard todo more in the future”

And this is where the CLC started. Prior to this, the topic of Collaborative Behaviours had been in the spotlight for most industries, not just in the UK, but across the globe, following the publication of the new international standard ISO 44001:2017. This standard place increased emphasis on identifying, embedding and measuring behaviours.

In March 2017, Kier Highways, was one of only 6 organisations in the world to be awarded the prestigious ISO 44001 Standard on the day it was launched.

Collaborative business relationships have been shown to deliver a wide range of benefits, which enhance competitiveness and performance whilst adding value to organisations of all sizes.

Collaboration is one of the core values within Kier and the benefits are seen on a daily basis in its collaborative relationships with suppliers and clients:

Fewer accidents because we work better as a team;
Issues raised sooner so we prevent them becoming problems;
A supply chain that wants to work with us;
Working “as one” with our clients providing a better experience for the general public;
Costs savings;
Reduced waste;
A better working environment for all which results in more innovation, less time lost to sickness etc.

So immediately after the 2017 ICW Awards, the outline plan was set out for the CLC. The key issues were identified along with the general outcomes and the groups that would be involved.

There was however one thing that stood out above all others for this to be a success and that was for Kier to do this alongside their partners.

Dave Wright said at the outset:

“If we try to do this on our own it will fail to meet its objectives no matter how we try – you don’t produce a collaborative tool and a collaborative environment without collaborating in how you do this.”

Following several months of development, Kier Highways officially launched the Collaborative Learning Circle (CLC) at the House of Lords 31st October 2018.


The CLC board is Chaired by the Baroness Newlove of Warrington and is includes Directors from founder member organisations, clients and advisors from professional industry bodies.


Dave Wright, Executive Director, Kier Highways
Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW)
Collaborative Leader Award 2017

Dave Wright, Executive Director, Kier Highways
Chartered Institute for Highways and Transportation (CIHT)

Collaborative Learning Circle,
Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) Collaborative Competencies

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